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Revolutionary Cooling Products to Counter Heat

Arctic Heat Products reduce the effects of heat stress and minimize the likelihood of heat related illnesses by cooling the body and maintaining stable core temperature. A cooler body means better, longer productivity and less sweating which delays any onset of dehydration. This leads to improved performance, productivity and recovery.

About Us

Arctic Heat Revolutionary Designs

Arctic Heat products are lightweight, not bulky and easy to use. They are manufactured from scientifically tested and proven body cooling materials, wicking polyester fabrics, and pockets of gel, which have been specially designed to retain temperature for extended periods of time.

Arctic Heat products are designed to cool effectively before, during and after activity and everyday life.


Helpful for medical conditions with heat related symptoms

Arctic Heat products are successfully used by customers to counter debilitating effects of heat caused by their condition common with such things as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, eczema, dravet syndrome, menopause and those impacted by spinal injuries. In fact any medical ailment where overheating is a symptom our vests and other products will be of great benefit and allowing for better quality of life.

  • Epilepsy Queensland Inc
  • MS Australia
  • Spinal Injuries Association

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Keep Your Body Cool During Extreme Activities

Leading sporting organisations use Arctic Heat products to gain a competitive advantage by controlling body temperature, resulting in sustained levels of high performance and a faster recovery.


Avoid Heat Stress - Keep On Working Through Summer

Industrial organisations use our products as an effective and convenient method of protecting employees health by preventing heat stress, as well as improving productivity in the workplace.


Must have in all households

The Arctic Heat range of products are suitable for everybody in any general daily activities and events.

These products are so versatile that there is no limit to their use. When ever overheating is a problem whether that be in the garden, playing a round of social golf or tennis, treating an injury or just trying to keep your sick child or pet cool. There is an Arctic Heat product that will assist….