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Arctic Heat Pty Ltd manufactures body cooling products designed to reduce or eliminate the effects of heat stress and heat related illnesses in Medical, Sporting, Industrial, Military and Personal applications.

Our History and Mission

Taking Our Products Worldwide

Established in 2000, Arctic Heat is an Australian owned and operated company founded by Shane Williams with the focus of delivering an innovative line of products to elite athletes, industry, medical and personal use that will control heat stress, improve quality of life and increase competitive advantage.

International demand for Arctic Heats products led to significant growth and export opportunities with Distribution Agents and Partners established all around Europe including Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary.  We also reach into other counties such as United Kingdom, Canada, United States.

The products developed by Arctic Heat are used widely by industrial, medical, military and sporting for various forms of heat control. Our range is now specifically sourced by organisations and individuals from all around the world due to its proven performance.

All you need to know

How does it work?

Arctic Heat Body Cooling Products are a lightweight and designed specifically for body cooling. They work by mimicking the body’s natural cooling process of keeping the skin dry and cool. They are made from two body cooling fabrics, a polyester interlock inner and a Micromesh outer, which provide a wicking effect. This wicking effect transfers moisture from the skin to the front of the garment keeping the skin almost completely dry.

A crystal is sewn into strategically placed pockets, which activates into a gel when soaked in water. This specially designed gel is completely non-toxic and has the ability to retain temperature for extended periods of time.

Testing conducted by the CSIRO has proven the effectiveness of these products in all their applications. For the longest period of continuous cooling, the gel inside should be frozen. The products are also very effective when placed into a slurry of ice water.

The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest:
  • the vest, when placed directly against the skin can drop skin temperature by up to 17°C in about 7 minutes. If placed over a light singlet or shirt it has the ability to cool skin by up to 13°C. Once the vest is removed it takes about 20 minutes of intense activity for the skin to return to ambient temperature
  • it weighs only 800 grams to 1 kg making it light and non restrictive to wear.
  • reduces skin temperature by up to 17 degrees Celsius while maintaining a stable core temperature
  • delays the onset of dehydration by conserving fluid that would normally be lost through sweating
  • lowers cardiac output towards the skin and allows more blood to be sent back to the muscles resulting in a prolonged high level of performance