Advantages of Arctic Heat body cooling vests for sports

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The recent 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been the hottest in the history so far. With daily temperatures hovering around 31C( Source – Japan Meteorological Agency) and an average relative humidity of around 80 per cent, athletes clearly had a tough time coping with the heat. Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa suffered heatstroke during her quarterfinal match, and had to be taken off the court in a wheelchair, while men’s tennis number two Daniil Medvedev visibly struggled with the temperature.

As sportspeople are thinking of strategies to deal with the body heat issues and performing under high pressure, Arctic Heat has designed a revolutionary body cooling vest that has gained tremendous popularity due to the enormous benefits that it offers. They have also gone a long way in helping athletes gain a competitive and recovery advantage.

What are body cooling vests and how do they work?

The Arctic Heat lightweight body cooling vest is a high performing, easy to use and scientifically proven and tested product that has been designed to counter the harmful effects of heat stress for sportspeople, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Manufactured using proven body cooling materials, the vest is very effective in maintaining a stable body temperature for extended periods of time.

Body cooling vests help to maintain your core body temperature and reduce temperature fluctuations, thus becoming an important piece of personal equipment for people to use in order to maximize their performance and recovery especially in sports related activities. It lowers cardiac output towards the skin and allows more blood to be sent back to the muscles where it is needed. It delays the onset of dehydration by helping the body to conserve fluids that are lost due to sweating in high temperatures.

The scientifically designed cool vest is made up of two parts – the inner lining made of polyester (wicking material) and an outer micromesh with pockets of special non-toxic viscous gel sewn in. This gel has the ability to hold temperature for long periods of time and can be used strArctic Heat Cooling Vestaight from the freezer, or out of an ice water slurry.

When there is a mounting pressure on athletes to perform at their best even in intense temperatures, Arctic Heat body cooling vests help immensely by reducing the effects of heat stress and keeping the body cool. When the body is cool, there is less sweating and less likelihood of dehydration, thus leading to improved performance, productivity and recovery. It also greatly reduces the possibility of heat related illness.

A popular product that has found its use in the past too in sporting events such as Doha World UCI Cycling Championships and Commonwealth Games, it is also widely used by many elite sportspeople and organizations.