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Did you know that according to statistics, heat stress causes 300 deaths each year? Well, it’s a known fact it can be extremely hazardous to work under high-temperature conditions. But, with the help of advanced products that have been designed specifically for body cooling, it can now be easy for individuals to get better control over heat stress and focus on their jobs in a better way.

When you are faced with extreme heat stress in your work conditions, that’s when you need relief and some really good cooling solutions. Arctic Heat manufacture and distribute a range of products that help you beat the heat while you are at work, doing your favorite sporting activity, or even resting. They are not only tested and proven by hundreds of customers worldwide but are also economical and fit one’s budget easily.

Typical applications for our cooling products include industrial safety, medical conditions, health services, military, sport, construction, and many more. Typical products that help you stay cool are cooling vests, neck wraps, cooling caps, and blankets, etc.

How do they work?

Made from lightweight, wicking materials, polyester interlock interior, and a polyester mesh exterior, they are designed to keep the skin dry by transferring moisture from the skin to the garment. In other words, they work by mimicking the body’s natural cooling process of cooling the skin which cools the surface blood and returns to stabilize core temperature. They keep the skin dry as well as cool.

Cooling vests: These are unisex products that have been designed using advanced revolutionary technology to effectively minimize heat stress in any application. When you wear an Arctic Heat cooling vest, you are ensured of having a stable core temperature plus reduced skin temperature. Using a special non-toxic viscous gel that has the ability to hold temperatures for long periods, this proven cooling accessory helps your body retain the moisture that is otherwise lost as sweat and can cause dehydration.

Neck wraps: Popular as an effective device against neck pain and headache, they also find application in everyday use for body cooling. They provide cooling around the entire neck area and tuck down behind the collar which helps protect in hot environments. This product can be used separately or as a great ancillary cooling item to the vest. The neck wraps can be frozen or dipped quickly into ice water, toweled off, and wrapped around the neck for an exceptional cooling effect. They can be used as a hot or cold pack depending on the need.

Cooling blanket: The cooling blanket, or half blanket, are versatile products designed to be used on any body part, they provide instant cooling relief. They are multipurpose and can be used for cooling or heating. You can keep it on the back of your office chair, on your lap, or even for your pets!

Cooling caps: Arctic Heat cooling caps have been essentially designed to provide scalp cooling for people undergoing chemotherapy. They are comfortable to wear and are an easy application simply tying up under the chin. They provide great relief against heat stress, migraines, general headaches, and hair loss during Chemotherapy.

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