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How do cooling products improve the quality of our lives? - Arctic Heat

How do cooling products improve the quality of our lives?

Home MediCool Kit How do cooling products improve the quality of our lives?

The human body is adapted to stay healthy at a core body temperature of approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit which means, this bodily temperature allows the organs to function normally. It is when this body temperature changes that undesirable effects start appearing and reflecting in our bodies.

In our earlier blogs, we have stated the effects of heat stress on our bodies and also given an overview about the various products that are available online with Arctic Heat that could help you combat the harmful heat conditions.

In this blog, we further bring you information on how cooling products can improve the quality of your lives.

How heat stress affects our cognitive performance

Human performance is influenced by a number of environmental factors, heat stress being one of them. Stated as one of the most common occupational health problems by researchers, it can impair operator’s performance and deteriorate it further, especially if they are subjected to hot temperatures for prolonged periods of time.

How do cooling vests help you?
Arctic Heat cooling vests are designed to stabilize the core body temperature, preventing heat exhaustion and other negative effects of overheating. The cooling vest is a piece of equipment designed to stabilize body temperatures in hot conditions. Cooling vests are used by doctors, athletes, industrial workers, working dogs, individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, race car drivers, and military personnel.

Due to their multifarious benefits, Arctic Heat cooling vests have found applications in a wide range of industries. People from all walks of life find it extremely useful in carrying out their day-today activities. They are worn by people for work, while exercising, or for medical purposes. Athletes often wear them before and after competitions to improve performance and recovery. People suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and other medical conditions find cooling vests extremely helpful and allow them to be more active when flare-ups of their illnesses raise their body temperatures.

Cooling VestArctic Heat’s revolutionary designed and easy to use cooling vests are lightweight (weighing only 800gms to 1kg) and work greatly towards improving the user’s safety and comfort. The highly efficient vest can help drop the skin’s temperature by up to 17 degrees in less approximately 8 mins. Such is the effectiveness of the vest that even after 20 mins of it being removed, it would require intense activity for the skin to return to ambient temperature.

Other Arctic Heat products
Arctic Heat also offers a range of other cooling products that have found their uses in people’s lives.

Neck Wraps – this hot / cold neck wrap is great when used for relief of neck pain or headaches. You can wear them safely while paying your favorite sports or while performing any other day-to-day activities.

Neck ties – are convenient neck bands that can also be used alternatively as headbands. Apart from providing cooling to the area where they are worn, they can be great merchandising tools!

Blankets – Another great product that can be used to regulate your body’s temperature especially during the warm summer months. Place it on the back of your office chair or on your lap while you are out on a picnic or even use it safely for your pets!

If you are looking for premium quality, economically priced and comfortable cooling products that are suited to your individual needs, browse through the Arctic Heat range.