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cooling Vests used in workplace

Heat stress occurs when heat is absorbed from the environment faster than the body can get rid of it. It is a leading Occupational Health and Safety issue experienced in workplaces all over the world.

The consequences of heat stress include a reduction in safety and productivity due to impaired concentration, muscle fatigue and heat illness.

For Industry, the Arctic Heat Body Cooling Vests and other cooling products are an effective and convenient method of protecting employees’ health as well as improving productivity.

Controlling body temperature is crucial in reducing fluid loss through sweating. Arctic Heat Body Cooling Vests work by reducing skin temperature by up to 17° Celsius, which in turn stabilises core temperature. This results in less sweating and a delayed onset of dehydration.

Used in conjunction with fluid replacement, the Arctic Heat Body Cooling Vest represents a vital part of a total Heat Stress solution for any workplace.

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