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Core Temperature Control

MS, Epilepsy, Spinal Injuries, Eczema, Dravet Sydnrome, Menopause, Anhidrosis

Over heating is a common symptom in many medical conditions.

A small rise in body temperature – 0.5 ° C – can bring on the symptoms of over heating. Once the body temperature rises it can cause physical dysfunction, abnormal fatigue, hampered coordination, spasticity, fitting, high blood pressure, fainting, hindered cognitive abilities or thinking abilities, itching, skin redness/irritation and slurred speech . The Arctic Heat cooling vest will greatly assist in stabilizing normal core body temperature eliminating, or greatly reducing these debilitating symptoms.

Using the cooling vest will allow a person to part-take in their general life activities allowing for normal function and better quality of life.Other products that will assist with temperature control are neck wrap, neck tie, cooling cap and recovery wraps (wrist wrap, ankle wrap, thigh wrap) especially when used in conjunction with the vest.

Arctic Heat products are recommended by many medical help organisations.

Hair Loss Prevention

Chemotherapy Scalp Cooling

Clinical trials are currently being conducted around the world studying the results of scalp cooling during chemotherapy as a treatment for hair loss.

Arctic Heat cooling caps have been used successfully in Europe, UK, USA and Australia for many years. What makes our cooling cap different is that it is a cost effective option, proven to be successful in eliminating substantial hair loss in 80% of patients. A one off purchase means that you can use your cooling cap for as many treatments as you need without the hassle of expensive ongoing monthly rental fees. Our cooling cap are light weight and comfortable. They do not need to be wired into a machine, you have full mobility and are free to walk around during your treatment.

We supply a special chemo therapy packs, which consists 3, 4 or 5 caps. This allows patients to wear one cap on the way to the treatment, 1-3 during and one after to insure continuous cooling on the hair follicles to reduce hair-loss.

These caps are designed and made in Australia from the highest quality materials, lined with a specially designed polyester interlock fabric which has an inbuilt wicking effect.  Moisture is drawn away from the scalp, resulting in a dry application.

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Injury Treatments

Hot & Cold Wraps

Arctic Heat Products contain a special, non-toxic, completely biodegradable viscose gel that absorbs water. University tests indicate that the gel keeps its temperature for up to 3 times longer than similar products. You can have the product at whatever temperature you desire hot or cold.

Our range of lightweight easy to use wraps are a convenient cold and hot pack for the relief of symptoms associated with muscle and joint pain. The specific design of each individual wrap moulds to the exact body part incorporating all facets of injury hot/cold treatment with attached Velcro straps for easy and effective fastening.

The wrap can be worn under clothing during normal activity. So now can treat those injury symptoms without wet messy packs and not having to interrupt your normal routine.

Controlled Hypothermia For intensive care

Medical Cooling Kits

After cardiac arrest only 60% of patients regain consciousness. Of those that do, one third suffer irreversible cognitive deficits.

The Evidence

  • Unconscious adults should be cooled following an out of hospital cardiac arrest
  • Core body temperature cooled to 32-34°C
  • Cooled body temperature maintained for 12-24 hours

Why the Need to Cool?

  • Anoxic brain injury is a common outcome after cardiac arrest
  • Studies have shown a reduction in mortality and improved
    neurological outcomes after cooling

What is Arctic Heat MediCool?

  • Arctic Heat MediCool is an external cooling aid that wraps the body
    and head of the patient
  • When frozen,  MediCool acts as a ‘skin safe’ method
    for effective cooling via conduction, convection and evaporation
  • Portable, safe, easy to use and fit for purpose
  • Cooling can continue uninterrupted for the entire time required through all processes.

It can also be used 

  • temperature control caused by fevers
  • treatment of heat-stress
  • portable for use in ambulance
therapeutic hypothermia