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Ideal for general every day use

Arctic Heat Products are very useful in everyday life.

You can use Arctic Heat Circles frozen as an ice-pack for burns and blisters or heat them up and treat your eye style.

Our Arctic Heat blankets will keep your pets cool in summer or simply warm it for a couple of minutes to have the opposite affect.

Back-wraps are very versatile as you can calm lower stomach cramps with warm application or put it on your lower back to minimize pain of spasm.

Some options how Arctic Heat Products can help you in your daily life

The Cooling Vest is ideal for jogging, hiking, cycling, gardening, morning or afternoon stroll, golf, tennis, gym, disabled tradies that work in hot environment – roofing, building, DIY projects, SES volunteers and the list is endless.

If overheating is an issue the vest will work for you.

Neck Wrap  helps cooling when used in conjunction with the vest. Heat or cool the neck wrap to calm headache and neck pain. If you are going through menopause it will assist with those nasty hot flushes.

Arctic Heat Caps are widely used  to sooth headaches/migraines and hair retention during Chemo or assists MS people to keep symptoms under control.

Hot/Cold Wraps are ideal for arthritis, eczema, tendinitis, torn muscles, joint sprains , post surgery rehabilitation.

Arctic Heat Blanket have a larger coverage area which can help in various ways to keep cool or warm. Place it cold over your lap, back of your chair or lay it under your beloved pet in the summer heat.

Would they help my arthritis?

Arctic Heat Products have been trailed and approved by the Arthritis Society of Australia. Arthritis sufferers will know that heating the affected area increases blood flow and assists mobility. With a proven ability to retain heat longer, and being so simple to use, Arctic Heat Products can make a significant difference.

Would they help my child’s eczema?

Arctic Heat Products have been extensively trailed at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Reducing the heat of the skin is central to reducing the itching of the skin.

“The Dermatology Department are extremely impressed with the results we have seen so far…the children’s living standards have improved dramatically,” Dermatology Department, Royal Children’s Hospital.