MediCool Kit


Widely used in hospitals in the intensive care units and being a portable kit can be used in ambulances. Arctic Heat MediCool Kit is an external cooling aid that wraps the body
and head of the patient. The kit acts as a ‘skin safe’ cooling device for effective controlled hypothermia via conduction, convection and evaporation.

Portable, safe, easy to use and affordable.


MediCool Kit consists of a 2 caps, 2 blankets, 4 axilla pads  and 4 groin pads. There is a blue and white set, for easy rotation to facilitate continuous cooling.

After cardiac arrest only 60% of patients regain consciousness. Of those that do, one third suffer irreversible cognitive deficits.

The Evidence

  • Unconscious adults should be cooled following an out of hospital cardiac arrest
  • Core body temperature cooled to 32-34°C
  • Cooled body temperature maintained for 12-24 hours

Why the Need to Cool?

  • Anoxic brain injury is a common outcome after cardiac arrest
  •  Studies have shown a reduction in mortality and improved
    neurological outcomes after cooling

What is Arctic Heat MediCool?

  • Arctic Heat MediCool is an external cooling aid that wraps the body
    and head of the patient
  •  When frozen,  MediCool acts as a ‘skin safe’ method
    for effective cooling via conduction, convection and evaporation
  • Portable, safe, easy to use and fit for purpose

It can also be used 

  • temperature control caused by fevers
  • treatment of heat-stress
  • portable for use in ambulance
Weight 1.95 kg